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শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

Dr. Kamal has been criticized for backing up an escaped fugitive(Video)

প্রকাশিত :১৪.০৯.২০১৮

News Desk: Dr. Kamal is working as the spokesperson of escaped BNP leader Tarek Rahman. He is being used for freeing Khaled Zia whose crime had been proved in the lower court and also getting advantage on upcoming National Election. He is talking according to Tarek Rahman’s instruction. Source confirmed that, he read a speech written by Tarek Rahman in media conference. This senior leader is blinded by revenge. He wants to take revenge on Awami League. Driven by greed of power and money, he became a voice of punished and escaped convict.

Source informed, Dr. Kamal started his political career with Awami League.  He was abandoned by Awami League for corruption. Instead of following a clean path in politics, he preferred more on making money by corruption. He could not succeed on politics because of this. He was so hated that he lost his security every time he participated in election. He blamed Awami League every time he was defeated. Currently, he is very concerned because Bangladesh is developing gradually. He is living in a dream to control Bangladesh. He always keeps himself busy with conspiracy against Bangladesh.

On the other hand, Tarek Rahman is much tensed about Khaleda Zia’s freedom. He spent lots of money and conspired again and again. Still he failed. He is now using Dr. Kamal’s greed to free Khaleda Zia by telling Dr. Kamal that he will get lots of money. For this reason, Dr. Kamal is saying whatever Tarek Rahman is telling him. Political analysts are thinking that a conspiracy is going on by Tarek Rahman. They are also thinking that, Dr. Kamal was not very fond of Khaleda Zia in previous days, but now he talking about her freedom which does not sound right. Politically concerned individuals were surprised to see Dr. Kamal talking about Khaleda Zia’s treatment and freedom. Dr. Kamal did not even want to become Khaleda Zia’s lawyer. He insulted Mirza Fakhrul at his chamber. But now everyone is surprised to see his political stand. Lastly, he had been criticized for surrendering in front of money and for being an agent of a fugitive. Few politicians said Dr. Kamal has lost his conscience and intelligence.

শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

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