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শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

Mirza Fakhrul: Went abroad with lies, came back with terrorism.

প্রকাশিত :২২.০৯.২০১৮


News Desk: BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam came back to Bangladesh with Tarek Rahman’s instruction of spreading terrorism in the country from October if government does not take their demand seriously. To be noted, BNP kept demanding to free Khaleda Zia and put Care Taker government during election.
Source informed, Tarek Rahman instructed Mirza Fakhrul to make the country unstable, so that government is bound to bow down to them. Tarek also instructed his senior leaders to travel around the country and meet with root level members and create a mentality to fight against Awami League.
London BNP informed that, Mirza Fakhrul went to USA to meet with escaped agents of Jamayat-Shibir and anti-government personnel. He used meeting with the UN correspondents as a cover. BNP’s current demand is to free Begum Khaleda Zia and putting up neutral government during the election. He went there with instructions of Tarek to gather resources to make the country unstable. Revengeful people who are staying abroad assured Mirza Fakhrul that they will provide money and arms to take revenge on Awami League. After finishing USA tour, Mirza Fakhrul went to UK to fix strategy on election. 14th September Mirza Fakhrul was criticized by Tarek.
Source ensured that, Tarek Rahman said to Mirza Fakhrul that he is a backboneless because he could not pull of an efficient movement to free Khaleda Zia. Mirza Fakhrul became very upset because of this. They sat for an important meeting at Tarek’s home in London about the country. Leader of BNP in London Malek and a local BNP leader were present at that time. That BNP leader informed that, Tarek instructed to free Khaleda Zia at any cost and putting up their favorable government who will work during election, if that does not happen then BNP will force the government to make it happen. According to Tarek, the steps will be so horrifying that government will start shaking. Government will have to bow down to BNP. BNP will make them to witness hell. They will make a mountain of dead bodies if necessary. Tarek assured Mirza Fakhrul that Jamayat-Shibir will help BNP on this. Tarek commented that, to get the power they will have to march through bloodshed and corpse.
Meanwhile, Mirza Fakhrul came back in Bangladesh with Tarek Rahman’s instructions. People of the country is concerned that how ferocious BNP can be to get on to the power by force.

শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

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