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শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

Verdict of Grenade Attack: People expected Tarek would be sentenced to death.

প্রকাশিত :১১.১০.২০১৮

News desk: Tribunal has given its verdict after 14 years of the grenade attack on Awami League meeting on 21st August 2004. Tribunal sentenced to death to former Home State Minister Lutfozzaman Babar and 19 others. Acting Chairperson of BNP Tarek Rahman and 16 others have been sentenced to serve life-long in the prison. People of Bangladesh were expecting that Tarek Rahman would be sentenced to death like other. They expressed their feelings in this way to the media after the verdict.

Sayem Salauddin who is a student of 4th year in Social Science department of Dhaka University said, “We are happy with the judgment. But as Tarek Rahman was major planner of the 21st August grenade attack, so we wanted that death penalty would be given to him.”

Ranjan Talukder who works in a cultural organization stated that, “Civil citizens always expects something from the judgment. The drama which was initiated by BNP-Jamayat has been ended now. We are happy that judgment has been served. But, I would be happier if Haris Chowdhury and Tarek Rahman were also sentenced to death like Babar.”

An auto-rickshaw (CNG) driver named Samad Mia reacted that, “I don’t care about it. Justice has been served and that is comforting.” When he was asked whether he is satisfied with the judgment then he said, “Tarek Rahman should have been punished in more severe way.”

A college student named Ismat Ara said, “BNP-Jamayat were prone to create disturbance in the country. They killed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for power and also wanted to kill Sheikh Hasina. Criminals have been punished for the murder of Bangabandhu and now the verdict is given for the attack on 21st August grenade attack. We are happy.”

For the information, grenade attack took place on 21st August, 2004 at Bangabandhu Avenue on an assembly of Awami League. BNP-Jamayat was the ruling government at that time. This attack was staged intentionally to kill Sheikh Hasina. 24 citizens died and more than five hundred citizens were injured in the attack.

শেয়ার করে সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিন :

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